Welcome to Milton 411 - New and Improved

by Andrew Munk on 05-13-2014 in Milton 411 - General

Hello Fellow Miltonians!

I wanted to welcome you to the new and improved Milton 411. For those of you who have been here before (and we've been around since 2005!), I hope you like the new site re-design.

The goal here was to focus on what we do best:

  • Building the most comprehensive local business directory - and encourage interaction! (ratings, reviews, comments, blogs, etc).
  • Introduce¬†exclusive, useful, and fun content for Milton, Ontario (see our emergency contact list, colouring pages, contests, etc!).
  • Begin to introduce an ongoing blog about our city - and feature contents from you!

We hope you like what you see here - and i'd appreciate any comments you can throw my way :)

Look forward to chatting with you all going forward, and stay tuned for new and exciting stuff!




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