Growth and Development in Milton Ontario

The charming town of Milton has experienced growth and development since its founder Jasper Martin first acquired the land in 1820. Early settlers to the area assisted in developing the first schools, churches, stores, post offices and more.

The Last Few Years

Today Milton is rapidly evolving, especially over the last few years. Many new residents arrive every day and future residents are already searching the real estate market to find their perfect home in Milton. New residents are attracted to Milton for many reasons, commonly including the balance of urban and rural, in addition to being engaged in culture, history, commerce and communication. In 2009, the population was estimated at 85,000 and growth is expected steadily causing the population in Milton to grow to upwards of 150,000 by 2021.

Goals and Issues for Milton

The current and future goals of Milton include building a responsible, cost-effective and an accountable local government, developing well managed growth, encouraging the provision and maintenance of a mix of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional uses, continuing in developing a safe, livable and healthy community, in addition to a diverse and sustainable economy and a thriving natural environment that is a valued community asset.

According to residents, the five most important issues facing Milton today are the pace of development and growth, traffic, roads, parking, insufficient services, programs and community amenities, lack of housing options and general infrastructure, in addition to lack of transportation alternatives. These five key areas are valid concerns that Milton is aware of and takes very seriously. The voice of the community is highly important and beneficial in helping Milton grow and develop into a town that all residents can be proud call home. Work is being done every day to address these issues and many more. Although improvements, growth and development take time, the town of Milton is sure to succeed achieving all of the goals required. Milton is constantly receiving welcomed feedback from residents via public forums, group meetings, focus group sessions, public feedback sessions, telephone surveys and comments received by phone, email, mail and fax.

The roads and infrastructure issue is already being addressed in Milton. The town-owned infrastructure, bridges and roads are evaluated to determine reconstruction, rehabilitation and repair strategies. Projects that require an environmental assessment prior to design and construction may take up to several years to be complete.

The town of Milton infrastructure includes all town-owned, sewers, bridges, watermains, storm sewers and arterial roads. Technical services for all reconstruction and new construction is provided by the Town of Milton Engineering Services Department. They are also responsible for all existing infrastructure as well and ongoing maintenance.

The Environment, Sustainability, and Green Energy in Milton Ontario

The environment planning is in effect and is a decision-making process that focuses on environmental, economic, political, social and governance factors. The town of Milton’s goal is to manage the relationship between the human systems and natural systems effectively. Respect for the environment is always taken into consideration when planning policies and corporate initiatives. This will assure residents that a thriving natural environment is highly valued, protected and maintained.

Sustainability is at the top of the list when decisions are being made in regards to every project that will affect the future. Choices are made to meet the needs of the current situation without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs when needed. Currently, Milton is developing a specific strategy that will acknowledge the accomplishment to date, and also provide a base for future plans, policies and culture.

Green energy is also a large part of the present time and future in Milton. The Green Energy Act that was enacted by the Province of Ontario promotes a green economy. The Act ensures the efficient use of energy and conservation throughout Ontario. This includes homeowners, schools, industry and government. The core goal of the act is to reduce our impact on the climate and enhance economic activity. The Green Energy Act is estimated to produce 50,000 jobs within the first three years and continue to offer more opportunity in years to come. Milton supports renewable energy applications within the town of Milton. Residents who are interested in the providing green energy to their home should consult with the town planning staff to ensure that the application follows the appropriate path and completed the approval process.

The Future!

Milton has many plans and goals to reach as the town continues to develop and grow throughout the upcoming years and many years to come. Residents play an important role in providing community leaders in Milton with information and opinions on the growth and development of the town. Milton is on the fast track and will continue to create a charming, close knit community with all of the advantages of the current times and beyond.